Intro to ORBonomics

Welcome to class everyone! Glad you joined us for the first day of school.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. ORB, what are you talking about? Well, as September is around the corner and school will soon be in session, we think it’s a great time to discuss some crucial statistics and market indicators for the Central Lakes area. First, I would like to introduce this large internationally acclaimed brain trust that ORB has jumped into as ORBonomics. We are constantly gathering and processing stats to strategically pair up what the numbers say with what we are seeing and hearing from the community. Our mission is simple – to be able to support community businesses and members by better understanding where the market is headed. Now, I know you are excited to see what is rolling out, but we can’t teach you everyone on the first day! Stay tuned for the next exciting plug!

What is second?

ORBonomics definition: The science of calculating variables to validate what we see and hear.