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Welcome To ORB Commercial Real Estate Group

Upon introduction, people often ask us, “What is an ORB” or “What does O-R-B stand for?” In this case, it is not an Acronym for something else.  An ORB is the compass of ...
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Dave Johnson - broker

What is the difference between a Commercial Broker and a Residential Broker?

I answer this question more often for referring realtors than I do for customers.  Communication is the key difference. We typically work business to business and focus largely on how the real estate ...
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corn field

Farm Land Owners – Did you know?

Happy planting season to all Minnesota farmers out there! We figured with spring underway, what better time to discuss the Green Acres Program. This is a tax deferral program for qualifying MN farm ...
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Nice Juicery, Central Minnesota’s First Cold Pressed Juicery

This week I had a chance to sit down with Rachel Sieve, one of the creative minds behind Nice Juicery, a local, cold pressed juicery based out of Alexandria, MN. What a privilege ...
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Intro to ORBonomics

Welcome to class everyone! Glad you joined us for the first day of school. Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. ORB, what are you talking about? Well, as September is around the ...
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Minnesota Graphic

MN Ranked a Top Business State

As promised from a recent blog, we have come back today to discuss ORBonomics and really take a 40,000 foot look at Minnesota business as we begin to understand this place we live. ...
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Micropolitan Summit

I am always amazed at the incredible communities that real estate brings us to. Each community is so unique and presents a unique array of opportunities. This week the ORB CREG team was ...
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REIT – The right investment for you?

Real Estate Investments Trusts. What do these trusts do? Pros and cons. And, ultimately, is this a good investment to have in your portfolio? REIT’s were originally put into place by Congress in ...
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Chamber Check-In

This week ORB traveled across town to visit the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. The summer proved to be another busy time for our bustling community! We figured we would check in ...
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